Hiding Sins?


First off I want to congratulate the ladies with women's day!! It's so exiting that I'm here in DeLand, Florida on a missionary camp(conference) and God is teaching me a lot. Well I just thought I'd make a little example of what happened. We sleep on bunk beds in this camp and it is in the nature. No matter how hard you try still get a little of sand on the beds. Then you have to swipe it off.

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Welcome To The New One Way Blog.


Welcome To The New One Way Blog. I am happy to let you know that we are improving our look and user interference. Also you may now create a personal account on my site. Thank You for reading my blogs. God Bless.

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Do You Witness To Nearby People?


One day I was out on the street when I met a man checking the power. I talked to him a little about his work and how he does it. But then I asked the most important thing of life. "Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?"
Well his answer was unexpected. Most people say "yeah, I know...." But he told me "Yes, Jesus Christ is my Personal Savior!" And recited some popular verses Romans 3:23, John 3:16, ect.
Do you ask people life's most important question? You should ask people more often and also talk to them about it.

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Lay Everything In God's Hands.


Hey guys haven't been posting for a while and I just want to tell you something that happened this week to me. I was going to go camping with my family this Saturday, but I had already planned about three weeks before to go to a wedding and be a waiter. So I couldn't decide where to go. I told some people I would go to the wedding so I prayed about it. So as I prayed about it I was still waiting for an answer. But God's timing is always right and it's not always the timing we plan for.

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Would You Die For Christ?


Yesterday I was reading Tortured for Christ book that I got for free(links lower).

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Who is your God Today?


Today a friend of mine said that what we think about the most is our God. Well that is so true I thought about it to myself that I don't think about God most of my time. I do think about my Christian blog and I do think about what inspirational post to have. But for the past two weeks I've been on the computer so much editing the blog HTML and getting the website set up. But the truth is God wasn't my God It was the blog. Even though if you posting something its a good thing but rather don't take long.

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God Always Lifts Me Up!!


Today I was really down during afternoon church. I had a headache, my friend was distracting me from the service, and some other things going on. Well I left for a while to take a break from everything and a song came to my head called "Lift Me Up." The words "you lift me up when I am weak, your arms wrap around me..." Well it did lift me up. See some things can bring you down but you could always just pray to God and He will give you a powerful word, song, verse, or phrase; to lift you back up.

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First day of High School.


Today was my first day of High School, but in my family everyone takes home-school. Well since I'm not enrolled yet in home-school I decided to try out the first day of public school. Well the night before I was thinking not to take anything but then I decided to take some Pocket Testaments that I have. Well all have

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